• Time Attendance

    Busma is an industry leader in biometric time and attendance tracking systems. These high-tech systems identify employees by their fingerprints, hand geometry, facial images, or voice — depending on the location's unique needs.

  • Access Control

    Protect your assets with access control systems from Busma. We offer card readers, card swipe machines, and biometric devices to ensure only authorized visitors can enter.


  • Smart

    Entrance control

    Turnstiles, barriers, x-ray inspection, and metal detection gates from Busma are used in airports, schools, railway stations and other public spaces to provide a secure environment.

  • Surveillance

    Busma offers advanced surveillance systems for clear video and audio monitoring, recording, and playback.

  • Hotels & Home Solutions

    We offer advanced solutions that enables smart home and hotel experience. Busma’s products power the future of connected living and working.

  • Network Solutions

    integrating Network switching and wireless Solutions with our security solutions,

    we're proud to provide the best networking solutions from .Aruba networks


    With years of experience in the industry, Busma is a leading provider of security systems in Egypt. The company does not only deliver high-quality products and services to clients, but has also managed to forge a strong customer base by listening to their needs and proactively coming up with innovative solutions. From small businesses to major corporations, Busma has been working with them all to ensure maximum protection from any security threats.


    Whatever the security needs of your business, Basma has a team of experts and trained technicians on hand to install, commission, train and program the systems to guarantee they remain operational and up-to-date for years.

    Technical Support

    Our technical support team is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the level of service that they expect. We work with you to resolve any issues you may face and provide consistent, high-quality customer support. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can always get in touch with us for help.


    We're experts in security solutions and we work with all kinds of businesses and organizations including the government, corporate enterprises, small shops, and homes. We'll customize a reliable security system that meets your needs and protects you.


    Busma activates thousands of security systems annually according to standard standards, which supports in providing after-sales services in a unique and distinctive way, the most important of which is warranty services on systems and devices for a period of one year Which all Basma customers benefit from in all their categories


    Security systems need careful attention and periodic follow-up to ensure the highest performance of the system, including checking components, performing preventive maintenance and ensuring that all parts of the system communicate effectively, as well as designing alternative plans in the event that emergency maintenance work is required.

    Consulting Services

    Busma specializes in providing secure solutions to Egyptian institutions and businesses. We have years of experience testing user responses and finding gaps in security that may hinder organizations and their goals. Our clients require security experts with a strategic outlook on the current environment, and Busma has a long history of providing cutting-edge technological solutions.

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