• Time Attendance

    Busma offers biometric time and attendance systems that capture fingerprints, facial images and hand geometry for the most accurate attendance records in the industry.

  • Access Control

    Protect your assets with access control systems from Busma. We offer card readers, card swipe machines, and biometric devices to ensure only authorized visitors can enter.


  • Smart

    Entrance control

    Turnstiles, barriers, x-ray inspection, and metal detection gates from Busma are used in airports, schools, railway stations and other public spaces to provide a secure environment.

  • Surveillance

    Busma offers advanced surveillance systems for clear video and audio monitoring, recording, and playback.

  • Hotels & Home Solutions

    We offer advanced solutions that enables smart home and hotel experience. Busma’s products power the future of connected living and working.

  • Network Solutions

    integrating Network switching and wireless Solutions with our security solutions,

    we're proud to provide the best networking solutions from .Aruba networks


    Busma has earned a reputation for providing world-class security system solutions in Egypt. The company is known to go beyond the industry standards of excellence when designing and implementing top notch security systems.



    Training and technical support

    Busma has a service-oriented approach that focuses on developing the learning skills of its users through interactive training programs. The company ensures that its customers are able to use software effectively by providing continuous support and assistance through phone, online chat, and email.


    We always strive to provide the highest level of security for our customers. We work with some of the largest security system manufacturers in the world to produce customized security solutions on demand. Our engineers integrate and configure technology most tailored to the needs of our customers.


    Busma has a team of expert and trained hands that have been working on the highest international standards of safety and quality in installation, operation, training and programming to ensure the highest operational system.


    Busma, which installs and activates thousands of security systems every year, offers a unique warranty on its products. One of the features that customers value most about our products is our service warranty.

    Maintenance services

    The ideal security system needs careful maintenance and periodic follow-up to ensure the safety of the system. Important systems that remain neglected or poorly maintained over a long period will inevitably be prone to failure and loss.

    Consulting services

    Busma is an experienced and integrated security provider offering high-quality services. We assist major institutions in achieving the quality certificates they need to be fully compliant with international standards. Busma Security has years of experience providing integrated security solutions throughout Egypt.



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