ZKTeco FBL1022 Pro

FB1022: Single Lane Flap Barrier with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System

Flap Barriers are well adopted in entrances and exits of buildings or construction sites, to help tracking staffs and visitors. Only authorized users are able to access to specific areas through the flap barriers. Lights on the barriers are to indicate status of the flap barriers. Steady green lights indicate locked barriers. Blinking green lights indicate accessible barriers.
ZKTeco’s assembled access control system significantly reduces costs for business partners. RFID, fingerprint verification, face recognition, and vein verification technologies are available for options of flexible access control system.





Technical Specifications
Passage Width 600mm
Capacity 25-30/minute
Flap opening/closing time 1S
Overall Width 1200mm
Barrier Height 785mm
Power Supply AC110-220V,50Hz/60Hz
Operating Power Consumption 80W
Stationary Power Consumption 30W
Temperature -28 to 60 °C
Net Weight 143Kg(FB1000) 86Kg(FB1200)
Gross Weight 212Kg(FB1000) 121Kg(FB1200)
Two way traffic Yes
Automatic operation Yes
Advanced sensor system Yes
Audible alarm Yes
LED lighting Yes
Traffic indicator lights Yes
Fail-safe Yes




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